Bruno Ribeiro hails from Portugal, where he started his musical journey. He started with the piano but it was on the guitar (classical and electric), that he found his preferred

musical expression of choice, as an interpreter and composer.

However, his career has been marked by extreme diversity, both in terms of aesthetics and in the type of projects he develops or collaborates with - playing other instruments (electric bass, Portuguese guitar, synthesizers, percussion), in musical areas that do not know predetermined limits and have gone from fado to heavy rock, from synth-pop to classical and avant-gard music.

He is currently preparing to release his next solo phonographic work.

He participated in several projects of a diverse nature, working both as a guitarist or as composer and arranger - in stage music, electronic music, chamber music and

very diverse instrumental groups.

He studied composition at the Higher Studies School of Music and Performing Arts, in Porto, Portugal, where he also attended the Conservatory of Music in the class of Artur Caldeira.



Sintra, Portugal

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